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http://mocomi.com/ presents: What is a Pulley?

Pulley is a simple machine and comprises of a wheel on a fixed axle, with a groove along the edges to guide a rope or cable.

Pulleys are used to reduce the time and energy taken to lift heavy objects.

Load = the weight of an object
Effort = the amount of force required to lift or move this object.

When you put two or more wheels together, and run a rope around them, you have created a great lifting machine.

As you add more pulleys, you increase your mechanical advantage and it becomes very easy to lift the same load.

The trade-off is that as you increase the number of pulleys, you require a greater amount of rope to achieve the same result. Since you have decreased the effort needed to lift the load you have to apply the force for a longer period of time.

Understand the mechanism of the simple machine, the pulley. Understand and learn about how these machines make work a lot more easier and less time consuming with the help of this animated learning module for kids.

To learn more about what is a pulley and how it works go to: http://mocomi.com/pulley/

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