Upright Row With Low Pulley Cable

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The upright row is a great exercise for building up the traps, side and rear delts. But it can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable to perform.

When doing the barbell upright row variation a lot of a lot of strain gets placed on the wrist joints because your hands are locked into a fixed position. So to overcome this problem you can do your upright rows from a low pulley cable and use 2 single handle attachments.

Having 2 separate will allow your hands and wrists to rotate as you row up making the exercise much more comfortable to perform. Not only that, but it allows you to get a better peak contraction throughout your upper back because you can row higher and squeeze your muscles hard through a full range of motion.

Give the upright row from the low pulley cable a try for yourself and than leave me a comment below to let me know how it works for you.
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