Tutorial on the Manufacturing and Formation on what is drusy quartz?

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This video is all about drusy or druzy quartz manufacturing and their process. Basically drusy is combination of natural crystals and agate. 95% of earth crust is quartz and found in form of geodes which is shown in the video. Agate which backing used, are natural stones and available in bulk at low prices so basically our manufacturing unit use natural crystals backing with agate to made this wonderful, sparkling gemstone.
If you divide this stone in two halves then first is natural crystal and another is agate. Now here arises a question that crystals are white then how drusy is found in different colors and which is obvious to ask.
Well, have you heard of a stone mystic quartz? If yes then you can see that mystic comes in many different rainbow colors which is made of coating. CVD (chemical vapor deposition) is process which is used to put coating on natural crystals and almost every color is possible to get by this.

It is very important for a buyer to know the difference between natural drusy and fake drusy. Fake drusy is results of paint over irregular shapes fake crystals.

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