The Water Cycle- How rain is formed-Lesson for kids

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Enjoy learning about the water cycle for kids in a fun way. Understand how the water cycle works with our facts that explains the different processes in a way that's easy to follow.

Q.What is the Water Cycle?
A.The Water Cycle is the journey water takes as it circulates from the land to the sky and back again.

Q.Why do we need the water cycle?
A.The Earth is covered by water, however, almost 97% is salt water found in the oceans. We can not drink salt water or use it for crops because of the salt content. We can remove salt from the ocean water, but this cycle process is very expensive.

Q.What are the steps of water cycle?
A.Evaporation: The changing of water into a gas is called Evaporation.
Condensation: The changing of water vapor into water droplets is called Condensation
Precipitation: Water falls from the sky in the form of rain, snow or hail. This process is called precipitation.
Collection: Oceans and lakes collect water that has fallen. Water evaporates into the sky again and the cycle continues.

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