The role of Growth Hormone and Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF) in Gigantism and Acromegaly

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In this video we cover pretty much everything related to Growth Hormone

1. Function on Liver, Adipose, Muscle
2. Also the effects of Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF) on Organs and bones (chrondrocytes)
3. Regulation of Growth Hormone and IGF by PItuitary and Hypothalamus (Somatostatin and GHRH), Ghrelin, Thyroxine
5. Mechanism of Action - JAK2/Stat Pathway
5. Arginine Stimulation Test
6. Stimulated by Arginine and Stress
7. Inhibited by Glucose, FFA, Cortisol, REM Sleep, GH, IGF
8. High Growth Hormone: Gigantism and Acromegaly
9. Low GH: Dwarfism, Hypoglycemia
Health Endocrinology
acromegaly, endocrinology, giants, gigantism, growth hormone, insulin like growth factor

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