The Pacific Ring of FIRE formed by 50% of world's active volcanoes

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Places, where the tectonic plates, usually lead to the formation of volcanoes. Such scientific theory applies to the Pacific Ring of Fire – this is an area around the Pacific Ocean. This Ring of Fire is formed by over 75% of dormant and active volcanoes (the biggest part of them are considered active, and some stats state that this place is home to over 50% of the Earth’s most active volcanoes).

Beginning New Zealand, the Ring of Fire goes north around the coast of Asia to the Aleutian Islands, and south down the western coasts of North, Central and South America.

There is a lot of cool statistical data connected to this unusual formation of active volcanoes.

The Ring of Fire or circum-Pacific belt is a place where:

- over 90% of the world's earthquakes occur;

- most all of the biggest volcano eruptions have happened in the
last 11,7 thousand years (22 out of top 25 eruptions);

- ~452 volcanoes, including the most dangerous, are located.

If you would like to check out other scientific facts about volcanoes, please check out this interactive video presentation:

We have put together a top 10 list of best volcano facts and here is a brief review of some of them:

- what is understood by the Pele’s hair and tears?

- Etna – volcano with the most documented eruptions;

- Iceland – the incredible land of fire and ice;

- Paricutin as the fastest growing volcano;

- and many more to come.

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