SUPERVOLCANO! 7 Supervolcanoes That Threaten The Future of Humanity (Incl. World’s BIGGEST volcano!)

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SUPERVOLCANO! 7 Supervolcanoes That Threaten The Future of Humanity (Including, Yellowstone, potentially the world’s BIGGEST volcano eruption!)

A supervolcano is defined as having the capacity to produce a super-eruption that ejects at least 1000 cubic kilometers of volcanic material. That’s about 1000 times greater than any recorded volcanic event in modern human history.

Supervolcanoes are created when a momentous volume of deep super heat and magma rises toward the earth’s surface and forms a high-pressure pool as it is presses against and is unable to break through the Earth’s crust. As time passes, the massive pool of magma grows and the pressure builds until a mega eruption takes place.

There are 7 active supervolcanoes that we know of.

7. Aira Caldera, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

6. Taupo Caldera, North Island, New Zealand

5. Toba Caldera, North Sumatra, Indonesia

4. Valles Caldera, northern New Mexico, United States of America

3. Campi Flegrei Caldera, Naples, Italy

2. Long Valley Caldera, California, United States of America

1. Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming, United States of America

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