SEO - What is SEO?

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SEO - What is SEO? http://magicsubmittertutorials.com/whatisseo

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) involves the combination of key factors that search engines utilize to perform the internal algorithms that set site rankings. SEO combines factors such as Titles, Words, Links, Site Reputation and Consistency (among others) to create search result placement. This optimization is an absolute MUST for anybody in online marketing who needs to reach certain customers.

Titles are important as a part of SEO. Search engines tend to look here first. Make sure your keyword is part of your title.

Word are important in SEO. For that matter, \"keywords\" are critical in optimization. Keyword research should be a basic part of your optimization program and that is made easy with the Google Adwords Keyword tool. Here, you can find key words that people search for so you can incorporate them in your title and throughout your content.

Site Reputation is also important as a component of Search Engine Optimization. Quality of content as well as posting consistency all matter to search engines.

Links are another important part of SEO. Outbound links are important, but inbound links are critical to success. The types of inbound links to your site will affect your optimization success totally. Low quality, purchased inbound links many times are garbage. If the site the link comes from is low ranked, unavailable or out of service, this can harm your SEO efforts and place your site somewhere where it will never be found.

High quality backlinks are KEY. Make sure you are getting backlinks organically or from a source that is known for high quality backlinks exclusively.

Magic Submitter ( http://bit.ly/ZAFQim) is known globally as THE authority in allowing you to create high quality backlinks.

Timestamps for SEO:

0:32 What is SEO
1:11 Key SEO factors
1:22 SEO Titles
2:16 SEO Words
2:47 SEO Words Used in Links
3:03 SEO Site Reputation
3:42 SEO Links Between Sites
4:44 SEO High Quality Backlinks
5:17 Magic Submitter
5:55 Magic Submitter 1 on 1 private training
6:56 How to get Magic Submitter

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