Removing Calcium Build-Up From Your Pool Tile Line - The Easy Way

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I've been in this business a long time and I've used just about every tile cleaning product on the market and defaulted to the Pumas Stone as everything else failed to produce results. But the Pumas stone is time consuming, messy and a real pain. Plus the results are only "okay."

So I started tinkering around with some various ideas and for the last 8 months I have tried something out of the box

After using various sandpaper grits on all different pool tile and calcium build-up of various degrees I decided to make this video. I hit upon 220 grit as a good baseline that didn't scratch the tile in anyway or remove the sheen but still took the calcium right off.

220 Wet and Dry Sandpaper was the answer I have been looking for. I filmed lots of pools but in this video I put the best samples together.

Doubt it works, try it yourself and you will be amazed.

Just focus your efforts on the calcium itself and do it in stages over a few days. When it drys you can see your progress and continue the next day. You can see the spa water feature in the video is lighter a week later but not entirely clean. It is a pretty large area and I was also being careful. A second treatment will clear it up nicely.

So what is that white line and is it related to the pool water? A landscaper with lots of experience basically says that it is created when moisture drys in an area and the Sun hits it. That is why below the water line it is clear. You will see this also on your cement deck and walls where the sprinklers hit. So basically it is unavoidable even if your calcium hardness is in range in your pool water. That is why the spa spillways get it right along where the water drops into the pool.

I ran this by my a local Glass Beader (you can find him listed on my website) and he says that it is effective for spot treatment and if you have extensive build-up call a local Glass Beader out to clean your tile.

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