Most INCREDIBLE Minerals In The World!

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Check out the most incredible minerals in the world! from calcium and magnesium to copper and diamonds, this top 10 list of most amazing minerals on earth will definitely surprise you!

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10: Lead
Intensely useful but plagued by its high toxicity to humans, lead is one of the earliest metals discovered by humans.

Ancient Romans used lead for pipes, dishes, cosmetics, coins, paints, and even as a sweetener. Historians believe that

lead may have even been a contributing factor to the fall of the Roman Empire. Despite its toxicity, Lead is used quite

often as a barrier between other more corrosive liquids. Some kinds of batteries, and acid containers are lined with lead

and lead shielding can help protect from x-rays. More than half of lead production is actually used by car manufactures

in the US, though it is famously also part of ammunition.
Lead is a powerful neurotoxin, interfering with nerve signals in the body and can begin to be stored in the bones after

exposure. In fact, quite recently, the city of Flint, Michigan came under heavy scrutiny for their water quality, which

was made worse when high concentrations of lead was discovered. Levels were so high that the water was way past the

guideline for hazardous waste. Even mildly elevated blood lead levels can lead to nerve damage, brain damage and long

term cognitive deficits.
9: Calcium
One of the more abundant minerals in the human body, people have as much as 2 pounds of calcium which makes up large

portions of bones and teeth. In fact, calcium can help the body coordinate muscle movements by helping cells to

communicate with each other. Humans are not the only ones to depend on the power of calcium. Many other species such as

turtles and seashells need calcium to survive. When deprived of calcium, turtles can develop a disease in which their

shell isn't properly formed. Calcium is even an essential part of healthy soil and can aid in the growth of healthy

plants. Used in various construction materials such as plaster and concrete, calcium is mostly found as limestone and is

known for its strength. In fact, this is where it gets it´s name as Calcis is latin for ´lime´, though calcium can also

be found in chalk and marble.
8: Magnesium
A mineral is defined by many geologists as any naturally occurring, solid substance that is only made by nature. Among

minerals, magnesium is one of the most essential for human life. It participates in over 300 biochemical reactions in the

body and is critical to the human metabolism. It also even supports nerves and muscles, including the heart. Are you

getting enough magnesium? Chances are, probably not. If you have a lot of stress or anxiety, this can actually be caused

by a magnesium deficiency. This silvery element is found in nuts, green vegetables and whole grains and is an important

part of human nutrition.
Magnesium makes up 2% of the Earth’s crust and occurs naturally in combination with other elements. Magnesium also makes

up chlorophyll that helps plants absorb energy from the sun. Magnesium is flammable and has been used to make flares, and

fireworks. It can’t really be used in buildings since magnesium fires can be extremely dangerous and cannot be

extinguished with water or carbon dioxide. In fact, magnesium can make fires burn stronger, complicating situations for

7: Iron
One of the most abundant minerals on Earth, iron plays lots of different roles in our lives both inside and outside our

bodies. An essential part of blood, iron helps our blood to distribute oxygen throughout our bodies and is part of what

gives blood its crimson color. Iron is often found in red meats, but can also be found in greens such as Spinach and

certain legumes. Iron in diets is vital in preventing anemia, one of the most common nutritional deficiencies. Those with

anemia are often weak and fatigued as a result of a lack of red blood cells, or red blood cells that do not function

properly. Usually iron supplements can help encourage healthy red blood cell production in those who need it.
Though naturally somewhat brittle, when it is refined it can be combined to form steel, which is legendary for its

strength and durability. In fact, close to 90% of refined metal today is simply iron! Often used throughout history, iron

use in the creation of tools has been dated back to as far as 3600 BC.
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