MoonFaker: Exhibit D: Critique #05: Helium-3 & Fusion Crust

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Claim #3. Earth materials were doped with helium-3 to make them look like they came from the moon.

Jarrah claims that scientists somehow created moon rocks by impregnating earth "materials" with helium-3. How? Without actually exposing pristine earth rocks to actual solar radiation, you can only produce Helium-3 as a byproduct of tritium decay. And although tritium can be produced through the neutron bombardment of nitrogen, which might be present in the starter rocks, even our most powerful particle accelerators could only penetrate a paper thin skin of the surface with neutrons and it would be impossible to make the rocks look like they have a cosmic ray exposure age well over 60 million years, as measured in NASAs moon rocks. Jarrah's proposal is unequivocally impossible.

Claim #6. Meteorites found on earth were made to look like moon rocks by chipping away the fusion crust.

A ceramicist could not simply chip away at meteorites and make them look like moon rocks. There would be obvious tool marks left behind and it would rob the meteorites of most of their Helium-3. It's a moot point anyway, because meteorites and moon rocks have different oxygen isotope ratios.


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