Materials of the Earth's Crust- Sec 3 | Sedimentary Rocks

Materials of the Earth's Crust- Sec 3 | Sedimentary Rocks

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Geography (Grade 9): High School Learning: Sedimentary Rocks:
- Formation of sedimentary rocks.
- Compare and Contrast between the rocks.
- Some Common used sedimentary rocks.
- Different types of natural cements.

-All sedimentary rocks forms due to erosion ,transportation ,deposition ,compaction and comentation.
-Coal is sedimentary rocks.
-Sedimentary Rocks have visible layer.
-Sedimentary Rocks are not very soft.

Harsh nature-
-Burial ,compaction and lithification.
- Deposition
- Weathering and Erorian.
Process of Sedimentation of Rocks
- Depositon
- Compaction
- Cementation
* Compaction+Cementation= Lithification.

Types of Sedimentary Rocks
- Mechanically Formed
- Organically Formed
- Chemically Formed
* Lime Stone
- Rock Salt
- Gypsum
Uses of Sedimentary Rocks.
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