Manufacturing of natural drusy quartz cabochons

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Wholesale drusy quartz cabochons demand has been increasing rapidly so it is important to know the buyers about wrong and right product. In this product I clearly explained about drusy quartz stone from zero to hundred. It starts from natural geodes which come white colored (check the geode shown in video) , 95% of earth crust is made of metamorphic rocks of crystals. Best quality crystals geodes we source from Brazil and India where our manufacturing situated at. We buy trucks or you can in thousand kgs then we take out the crystals in our factories. It is important and needs experience when you take out the crystals out of geodes because crystals sizes come in huge variation so for that we our labors use sieves to filter out even sized crystals.

Basically you can divide drusy quartz stone into three sections - Agate, crystals and natural CVD process for color titanium color coating.

Agates are also natural abundant material which is available at very low prices. Now here arises one question - If crystals color is white then how drusies come in different colors, well it is obvious to come in mind. Basically CVD (chemical vapor deposition) is used over white crystals to put titanium coating on the top. This CVD process is permanent process and color never fades if you take care of stone or jewelry piece.
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