Lunge With Single Arm Cable Press

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Place cable pulley at a medium height position, with a single hand stirrup attached. Facing away from the pulley, grasp hold of the stirrup, take a step forward and position your legs in a split stance, with your opposite leg to the pulley in front. Keep your elbow in tight to your body and as you lunge down press the cable until your arm is fully extended. With the lunge, lower body by flexing the knee and hip of both legs. Keep lowering until your back knee is almost touching the floor. At the bottom of the lunge, your legs should both be in a 90 degree angle. As you come up out of the lunge return the stirrup to original position until you feel a slight stretch in your chest.

Tip: Torso should be kept upright throughout the whole movement. Hip mobility may prevent some people from lowering their back knee to be close to the floor. In this case, lower down as far as possible as not to cause any irritation. You can also perform this exercise by positioning your elbow out to the side when pressing the stirrup.

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