LEGS (OUTER) - Low Pulley Cable Hip Abduction

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Low pulley cable hip abduction targets the glute (medius and minimus and maximus) muscles. Other muscles involve are tensor fasciae latae and piriformis.
Stand sidewards to low cable pulley. Attach ankle cuff to far ankle and stand on other foot so that working leg can be crossed in front. Step out away from stack and grasp the pole for better balance. Stand on near foot and allow far leg to cross in front. Move leg to opposite side of low pulley by abduction hip. Return and repeat. Turn around and continue with opposite leg. Exhale when you lift the weight and inhale during lowering the weight. Use a weight that you can lift smoothly, without momentum, and make sure the weight stack does not slam between reps.
Keep your lower back flat, make sure it does not arch.
Keep training.
Dr Saranjeet Singh
(Sports Medicine Specialist)
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