Layers of the Earth for Kids

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You will learn about "Layers of Earth" in this video. Many many years ago, when the earth was formed, it was very hot. With time and because of rains and thunderstorms, its outer portion cooled down, and different life forms started originating on it. This outer cool layer of the earth, on which we live is called the crust. The crust of the earth is covered with different landforms, air, water etc.

The centre of the earth, which is very hot, is called the core. It consists of metals in the molten form.

The core is divided into 2 parts, the liquid outer core and the solid inner core.

The layer between the crust and the core is called mantle. It is very hot, consisting of rocks in molten form.

Sometimes, at some places, these hot melted rocks called lava come out to the surface of the earth. Such places are called volcanoes.

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