Killer, Fast Arm Workouts With Jonny & Clark

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What's going on, guys? Jonny here with Six Pack Shortcuts and today I'm here with my good friend Clark Bartram to go over how to build big and muscular arms - "curls for the girls" and "tri's for the guys" as Clark likes to say.

Clark and I are going to break down 4 arm workouts for you all out there: 2 for the triceps and 2 for the biceps. Let's get started:

0:51 - Incline Tricep Cable Pressdowns: This variation lets us take the body out of the equation to really focus on the contraction and engagement of the triceps. We're going to be going for the 8-12 rep range on all these workouts, making sure to choose a weight that you can complete solid 3-4 sets of the workouts with. First get an adjustable incline bench and line it up in front of the cable pulley, facing away from the pulley. With the pulley positioned at the very top with a rope extension and the bench at about a 45-degree angle, lay back on the bench and grab the rope. With shoulders pinned to the bench and elbows to the side and locked in place, press straight down and focus on the time under tension of the triceps.

3:28 - Bent Over Wide Stance Cable Bicep Curls: On the opposite pulley from the Incline Tricep Cable Pressdowns, position the cable at the very bottom with a cambered bar attachment. With your back to the cable, position your feet at a shoulder's width; the cambered bar attachment should be between your legs now. Keeping a straight back, bend at the knees and lean forward at the hips, grabbing the bar at the widest points and positioning your elbows on the inside of your knees - this is your start position. Really focus on only utilizing your biceps when you curl up; breathing to control the tempo and contraction of the muscles. Again, guys, the time under tension here is a much greater benefit than the heaviness of the weight. If you can't finish off sets of 8-12 reps, go down in weight and slow your tempo.

Start Your Training: No Exceptions. No Excuses:

5:59 - Overhead Bent-Over Tricep Cable Extensions: This next superset will have the cable pulley at the top as well, this time focusing on getting the full extension and stretch of the triceps. Grab the rope attachment at the top with your back to the pulley. Take a step forward and position your feet in an alternated stance - the front foot bent at the knee and the back almost locked and straight. From there, lean forward at the hips and get your triceps to be as close to parallel to the ground as possible, arms bent back as close to touching your traps as they can. Keeping the elbows in the same position, push the arms forward and fully extend the arms. Make it more challenging on yourself and control both the extension and negative of the move.

8:26 - Laying Cable Rope Bicep Curls: With the pulley at the top, position a flat bench facing towards the cable about 2-3 steps away. This movement will really take out any use of the back or momentum while doing bicep exercises, so don’t worry if you can’t do a whole bunch of weight starting out. Grab the rope extension with palms facing one another and lay back on the bench - back flat with the head and shoulders pinned back. The arms should be extended all the way out; now you’re in the start position. Focus on keeping the elbows locked in place, curl the rope all the way up.

Now, you can’t just flip open a men’s fitness magazine or comb the internet for this kind of up-front and impactful tips on training. Clark said it best when it comes to guys doubting their abilities or training: “anybody can do this stuff...You just have to go and do it!”

The key takeaways from these super sets are to understand that proper form and time under tensions of the muscle is how to really build up the arms to get those peaks and definition you’re looking for. Take the ego out of how much weight is on the machine or bar and focus on really feeling the muscles work to move the weight. Once you start to see AND feel the difference, the music growth and look will follow.

Thanks for tuning in today at Six Pack Shortcuts, everybody. We’re always here to help you guys get to the next level, give you workout tips and tricks to keep the progress going and get you to your fitness goals. If you got a question on how to build your arms or on getting to that next level in your training, make sure to let us know in the comments below.

Have A Blessed Day...Or Should We Say Bicep Day!
-Jonny Catazano & Clark Bartram

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