Jim's 15-Second Tip: Lying Cable Rear Delt Flye

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The lying cable rear delt flye is one of my favorite single-joint exercises for focusing on the rear deltoids and middle traps. The cables provide constant tension to maximize muscle fiber involvement. Lying on the bench removes any advantages to cheat, further enhancing the focus on the rear deltoids and middle traps. To do the exercise, place D-handles on the high cable pulleys of a cable crossover station. Hold the handles from the opposite sides so that your arms are crossed and lie down on the bench. Start with your hands almost shoulder width apart and use your rear deltoids and middle traps to pull your arms down and out at your sides. Pull your arms down as low as you can and hold the bottom position for a second or so as you pull your shoulder blades (scapula) together and contract your rear delts and middle traps as hard as possible. You can see how I incorporate this exercise into my training programs in my Down And Up Mass program.
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