IGCSE Chemistry Planet Earth Lesson 5: Earth's Crust - limestone

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Core LO:
• Discuss the Earth’s lithosphere and the rock cycle;
• State how minerals are extracted from metal ores and describe the limestone cycle;
• Describe the manufacture of lime (calcium oxide) from calcium carbonate (limestone) in terms of thermal decomposition;
• Name some uses of lime and slaked lime such as in treating acidic soil and neutralising acidic industrial waste products, e.g. flue gas desulfurisation;
• Name the uses of calcium carbonate in the manufacturing of iron and cement;

• Remember that there are three types of rocks to make the rock cycle; igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic;
• Remember that ores, such as limestone, can be heated to make lime and make slaked lime or limewater with the addition of water;
• Remember that limestone and its products are used to make cement, neutralise acids, and to purify iron during smelting.
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