Hurricane vs Cyclone vs Typhoon

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What's the difference between a hurricane, a typhoon, and a cyclone?

Storm Shield Meteorologist Jason Meyers explains.

They're all just different names for the same thing.

In the Atlantic Ocean and the Northeast Pacific - basically the waters surrounding the United States - we call them hurricanes.

In the Northwest Pacific near Asia - it's a typhoon.

In the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean, it's called a cyclone.

The only difference between any of these storms is the direction they spin.

Storms in the northern hemisphere spin counter-clockwise, and they spin clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

All of these storms use the same ingredients to form - a weather disturbance, warm tropical oceans, moisture, and relatively light winds.

If the right conditions last, we can end up with a violent storm with damaging winds at least 74 mph, huge waves, incredible amounts of rain, and flooding.

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