How to Make Rap Beats - BTV Solo Music Production Software Preview

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Can you hear this music produced?

BUY DEAL: http://buydeal.info/btvsolo

I knew it was going to be a good promo - but wow, this is really nice of the BKE team.

While I won't spoil it for you, the launch looks like it's going to be a big success. Especially at this price, I'm sure they're moving a lot of units right now and tons of people are making hot new beats as you read this.

Incase you missed the last email and you have no clue what I'm talking about -- please take a sec to visit the BTVSolo site and watch the vid (or better yet scroll down on the site and use their cool lil' online demo).

It's a beat maker, workstation, production tool, sequencer... midi... It has a ton of features!! But - more importantly it's presented by Dallas Austin, producer for some of the biggest names in music. It's the same gear he uses to make all his records...

Click the link, watch the video, and check out the promo sale they have going for the launch.

OFFER LINK: http://buydeal.info/btvsolo

Favorite features right now are the swing settings, the quantized roll, and you can tell they went to work with the sound kits the quality is wow good. It's a core addition to any setup - and works seamlessly with midi keyboards and pad controllers on PC or MAC. The quick FX and custom filters per channel are also impressive.

If you're on the fence about this music production stuff, do yourself a favor and scroll through the site. It's an absolute bargain right now and its risk free for 2 months. So you can put that talent or interest in music to the test without dropping top dollar today. You never know, you might unleash that monster inside you as this production stuff moves fast and gets quite addicting! You can also move up in this biz quickly with the right tools and sounds...

Tempt yourself, the promo won't be here tomorrow and you might regret not grabbing one:

TRY NOW: http://buydeal.info/btvsolo

Oh -- the sound packs, all I can say is = ALONSO IS DOPE (the guitars are brilliant), I'll leave the rest for you guys to judge, as I haven't gone through the others in enough detail yet but I'm giddy just thinking about digging through these folders! Ahhh and the packs come in .wav -- nice I can dump them into other sequencers too.

Don't sleep on this deal fam - It's less than your next sound kit, or beat purchase, and it will give you value for life instead of just once.

Thanks for reading, and I'm hoping you got this in time to take advantage of the launch (not sure if they'll extend the promo but I wouldn't risk it if it's still on now grab it).


PS: I also learned they they've setup a whole site just for the expansion packs and extras -- once you're in the members area take note of this, there's more deals in there for the samples without paying nearly as much as is listed on their expansion site.

GET IT NOW: http://buydeal.info/btvsolo

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