Geography Grade 9: Materials of the Earth's Crust | Igneous Rocks | Chapter 05 | Part 02

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Geography (Grade 9):High School Learning
Geography Grade 9: Materials of the Earth's Crust | Igneous Rocks | Chapter 05 | Part 02

Introduction- (00:00-01:35)
-Understanding about formation of Igneous Rocks.
-Develop Understanding about properties of different types of Magma.
-Compare the contrast between Intrusive and Extrusive Igneous rocks.
-Acquire knowledge about the common Ignous rocks.
-Illustrate different types of Magma Chambers.
-List some common use of Igneous Rocks.
- Lava and Magma are same things.
-Igneous rocks only forms when lava cools on the surface of the earth.
-All ignous Rocks are formed by cooling and solidification of lava.

Classification of Rocks is based on following-(02:08-04:11)
-Mineral Composition

On the basis of Formation

Primitive Earth- Primitive earth was molten. These molten
material cooled and formed crust.

Igneous Rocks-(04:11- )
-Cooling and Solidification of Magma.
-Quartz feldspar and mica are present in varying proportion.

Magma and its Types:
-Molten material outside the surface.
Mafic Basaltic

Oxygen is most Abundant.

Types of Magma (08:26-)
- Felsic- High SiO2(Acidic in nature)
- High Al low mg and fe.
- High Volatile Content.
- High Viscosity.
eg- Rhyolite,Pegmatite and Granite.

-Mafic - low SiO2(Basic in nature)
- High Fe and Mg,Low Al.
-Low Viscosity
- Basalt,Dolerite,Gabbro.
Extrusive Igneous Rocks
-Volcanic Ignous Rocks
- Basaltic
- Obsidian
- Rhyolite

Intrunsive Igneous Rocks
-Cooling and Solidification
-Deep under the surface in Magma Chamber.
-Igneous intrusions
- Dykes
- Sills
- Batholits
- Laccolits
- Granite
- Gabbro
- Pagmatite
- Dolerite

Uses of Igneous Rocks- (14:57-15:35)
- Granite and Basalt are used extensively is building
stones since are very strong and durable.
- Mica is found in pegmatite.
- Basalt is also used as a road metal.

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