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Hi there guys it's Robert here from and today I have found a awesome plug-in an also SEO plug-in for you guys that I'm going to share with you today.

So basically we all know about SEO Pressor and it's about $97 I think it costs. Hopefully you already know what SEO Pressor does but for those who don't know all basically one through it in 10 seconds.

All that SEO Pressor does is makes sure that it or indicates what you need to change on your blog to make it more Google friendly or it helps you to optimise your articles so that they are just basically SEO tight if I can say

So we can see over here score of 90% and the key to the keyword density and showing me what I what I could do to improve the overall article SEO score.

At the moment it says "please add rel=nofollow to external links" so if I was at least to of my external links then this will change. Anyway that's enough about that!

I have found a free alternative to SEO Pressor which does exactly the same thing but like I said it's free and it is called Blogger high SEO.

So if I click on that now you can see it is exactly the same, it shows the exactly the same sort of information.

So if I click on the SEO Pressor again this is SEO Pressor this is blogger high SEO here so we can see it does it does the exact same job.

I put the keyword that I am trying to rank for here which is niche for the SEO Pressor you put the keyword down here but basically essence it gives me the same results their thereabouts.

There are other settings that you can use a SEO Pressor for example if click on settings over here, these are part of the Pressor's settings where Pressor will automatically bold these words I have here.

It says allow "Pressor to automatically blah blah blah" and it's here but enough about the because Blogger high SEO does the exact thing here.

Where I can add my keywords here and it does exactly what Pressor does. The only difference or thing that is the Pressor does that SEO blogger high SEO does not do and that is the post score and page score which is quite useful.

Basically it tells your overall score for your blog posts shows you how high your it ranks but obviously like I said before blogger high does not do this hasn't it has not got this option but who cares because it's free.

The Blogger high SEO is free so just because it hasn't got that option it doesn't really matter because you are the main the main function is actually this part here which is fre.

So what you have to do is go to this website here which is called blogger you type you get a free account.

You just put your e-mail address here and I've only gone accounts already so I'm going to login. So you login it's got some other plug-in here which free which I am not bother with auto blogging and less stuff anyway because in my opinion that doesn't work so forget that auto plug-in.

Here are the other option so go to blogger high SEO and they go download it install it and carry and basically when it has been installed you will find the plug-in underneath the plug-in section in your Wordpress are back end office.

Says it is quite right here in blogger high SEO and click on it... it will take me to this Page by it when you're when you are creating a new post it will appear over on the right side of your plug-in also your draft of your article now I hope that this video is helped you and that now you are going to save yourself $97 I shall see you on the next
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