Earth Science Song About Minerals, Elements & Compounds

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An Earth Science song & lyrics about minerals. Free downloads below.
· A mineral is a naturally formed, inorganic solid with a crystalline structure. That means it isn’t person-made, it isn’t from a living thing, it isn’t a gas or liquid, and it has a repeating inner structure.

· Minerals are made of one or more types of elements. The earth’s crust has about 92 elements.

· Each element is made of only one kind of atom. An atom is the smallest part of an element that has all the element’s properties.

· Two or more elements can chemically join to make a compound. Most minerals are compounds.

· Minerals have two major classes. Silicate minerals include silicon and oxygen. They make up 90% of the minerals in the earth’s crust. Nonsilicate minerals don’t have silicon and oxygen.

· The way a surface reflects light is called luster. The shiniest minerals have metallic luster.

· The hardness scale for minerals ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest. Talc is 1 and diamond is 10. Minerals can only scratch other minerals lower on the hardness scale.

· Some minerals have important uses, such as Chalcopyrite for coins and Galena for batteries.

· Other minerals are valued because they are attractive. Rare and attractive minerals are called gemstones.

· Minerals are nonrenewable resources. The more we recycle them, the more we will have in the future.
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