Britain’s Birmingham Tornado

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Tornados are one of the most deadly forces of nature, with winds up to 300mph. Their awesome power can rip apart anything that lies in their path. In America whole towns are annihilated, homes totally destroyed, and hundreds of lives are lost every year.

In Britain you might think you’re out of reach of the clutches of these deadly twisters, but you would be wrong. The United Kingdom’s second largest city, Birmingham, was hit in July 2005. What exactly happened that day? Why did it cause so much damage? And why was there no warning? At a time when extreme weather events were causing chaos in America, is it a sign that our own mild temperate climate could be coming to an end.

Thursday 28th July 2005, the weather report that morning had forecast some thundery showers in the Midlands area, no mention of a tornado. But that afternoon residents along a narrow corridor through the Birmingham suburbs from King’s Heath to Highgate, were about to have their whole world turned upside down. The Birmingham tornado was one of the strongest tornadoes recorded in the UK for nearly 30 years.
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