Biggest Tornadoes In The World

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Huge storms; massive winds; and big destruction; these are the BIGGEST Tornadoes in the WORLD !

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# 19 Hackleburg Tornado of 2011

# 18 1999 Bridge-Creek-Moore Tornado

# 17 Joplin, Missouri EF5 Tornado

# 16 Tupelo, Mississippi Tornado of 1936

# 15 1977 Madaripur-Shibchar Tornado

# 14 The 1964 Narail-Magura Tornado

# 13 Madarganj Tornado

# 12 The Valetta, Malta Tornado

# 11 Worcester, Massachusetts Tornado of 1953

# 10 Oklahoma Tornado of 2013
2013 in Oklahoma, a tornado struck the suburbs and destroyed nearly everything. The storm blazed a trail through the area that was two miles wide and 17 miles long. The hardest hit city was Moore, Oklahoma. The F-4 tornado had winds greater than 166 miles per hour and stayed on the ground for 40 minutes. At least 24 people were confirmed dead, and 230 people were injured. At least 100 people had to be pulled out and saved from the rubble.

# 9 1973 Manikganj Tornado
Bangladesh is one of the most tornado-affected countries in the world, so it’s no surprise that it is the site of many different devastating tornadoes. In April of 1973, a location known as Manikganj was leveled. Almost eight villages were completely flattened, and the village of Balurchar was completely destroyed. It resulted in at least 700 deaths.

# 8 East Pakistan Tornado
In April of 1969, a tornado ran through what was East Pakistan. The tornado had wind speeds of about 90 miles per hour. It ran through several villages and nearly demolished the shanty-town of Demra. Initial reports have recorded about 660 to 1,000 deaths.

# 7 Pine Lake Tornado 2000
Canada experiences some of the most frequent tornadoes in the world. On July 14th, 2000, Alberta experienced the Pine Lake tornado, which reached wind speeds of 190 miles per hour or 300 kilometers per hours. It was one of the deadliest tornadoes Canada has ever seen, resulting in 12 fatalities and 100 injuries. It also caused 13 million dollars.

# 6 Tornado in Wray, Colorado
On May 7th, 2016, the high plains of Wray, Colorado saw a huge tornado touch ground. The plains of Colorado are prone to tornadoes because the environment makes for the perfect conditions. Luckily, many of them are not very harmful, although they seem to get pretty big in size. One tornado chaser got this close up look of the May 7th Wray tornado that offers a terrifying look of what it would feel like to be at the foot of a storm.

# 5 Edmonton’s 1987 Tornado
The Edmonton tornado of 1987 struck on July 31 and is sometimes referred to as Black Friday because of how powerful and devastating the event was. The F4 tornado reached speeds of 417 kilometers per hour or 259 miles per hour. It caused 27 fatalities and 253 injuries and was accompanied by unusually severe thunderstorms. In total, the damage amounted to 615 million dollars.

# 4 The Great Natchez Tornado
One of the deadliest tornadoes in United States history is the Great Natchez Tornado. On May 6th, 1840 Along the Mississippi River in Louisiana and Mississippi, it killed 317 people and injured 109 others. It formed just southwest of the town called Natchez and followed the Mississippi river down the stream, stripping all sorts of plant and wildlife from the river.

# 3 Tuscaloosa Tornado of 2011
This Tuscaloosa tornado was one of the most dangerous tornadoes to cross the area in history. It reached wind speeds of 190 miles per hour and had a total path length of over 80 miles per hour. It caused damage that had an estimated cost of 2.2 billion dollars. It resulted in 65 fatalities and caused 1500 injuries.

# 2 2016 Jiangsu Tornado
On the afternoon of June 23, 2016, a severe thunderstorm and violent tornado struck the Jiangsu province of China. It was a major tornado that reached speeds greater than 165 miles per hour or 266 kilometers per hour and caused at least 99 fatalities and 846 injuries. The monetary damage is unknown, but it is one of the most devastating tornadoes to strike the area in a long time.

# 1 The Tri-State Tornado
One of the top tornadoes in US history was the Tri-State Tornado that occurred in March of 1925. It caused 695 deaths, 234 of those deaths were all from civilians in the town of Murphysboro, Illinois. It’s path was measured to be at least 174 miles and caused 1.46 billion dollars of damage.
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