Azomite: Over 70 Minerals & Trace Elements - Full Spectrum Mineral Fertilizer Soil Amendement

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Organic does not mean the food is nutritious. Organic just means it was grown without large amounts of chemicals. Most organic food you buy at the grocery store is no more nutrient rich than the cheaper non-organic produce. Plants cannot manufacture minerals... those have to come from the soil. A plant that it typically high in calcium or magnesium cannot have calcium or magnesium unless it is already in the soil. Most agricultural soils lost their mineral content a long time ago. Using a full-specturm mineral fertilizer like this is how you replace them. This is how you make the produce nutrient rich.

Azomite is a full spectrum mineral fertilizer that contains over 70 minerals and trace elements that the National Research Council finds as essential, thus increasing germination rates, improving yields, and leading to more flowers, disease resistance, pest resistance and better tasting vegetables. This is for use in the ground, to mineralize the food being grown. A lot of the taste compounds as well as the health producing compounds are found in the trace minerals, and Azomite contains every single trace minerals found in the earth's crust, in a balanced and chelated form.

Plant growth is determined by the scarcest, "limiting" nutrient; if one of the many required nutrients is deficient, the plant will not grow and produce at its optimum levels. Conventional fertilizer programs focus only on macro-nutrients like Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (p) and Potassium (K). However, if one of the many essential trace elements is deficient in the soil, the plant will not perform at its optimum levels, affecting yield and immune function. Azomite comes from an ancient lake bed located in Utah and contains rare and abundant trace elements present in volcanic ash, in addition to rich minerals present in rivers -- a unique combination found nowhere else on Earth. You can get Azomite at and another similar product from a different company is Bloomin Minerals at

Plants that have access to all the proper minerals, trace elements and micro-nutrients can grow with more abundance.

This is a simple way to help solve hunger worldwide, through creating local food abundance. Anyone can do it, once you learn how.

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