Acromegaly ¦ How to make a treatment and diagnosis

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Welcome to my community! This video will help you about how to make a treatment and diagnosis of Acromegaly.

Diagnosing acromegaly:

Blood tests
If your general practitioner suspects acromegaly from your signs, they will advise blood tests to evaluate your levels of human expansion hormone.

Levels of growth hormone normally differ from minute to minute as it is free from the pituitary gland in spurts. Therefore to exactly diagnose acromegaly, growth hormone requires to be calculated under conditions which generally suppress increase hormone secretion.

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Brain scans:
You may need to have a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of your brain to find and define the amount of the pituitary gland tumour causing your acromegaly.

Treatment of acromegaly
Treatment aids to:

• reduce extra growth hormone to simple levels
• develop the symptoms of acromegaly
• care for any hormone deficiencies
• alleviate the pressure the tumour is exerting on the close structures
This is normally gained through surgical prevention of the tumour & medication.

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Brain surgery:
In most cases, surgery is preferred to prevent the adenoma from your pituitary gland. This is fruitful in most people, although sometimes the tumour is too big to be prevented completely.

Acromegaly can be treated effective and proper by taking useful medication from the doctor.

If surgery is impossible, or surgery & medication do not treat the condition, radiotherapy aimed at the adenoma may be an alternative.

There are 2 major types of radiotherapy for acromegaly:
• Stereotactic radiosurgery: where a high-dose ray of radiation is exactly aimed at the tumour, needing you to wear a rigid head frame to remain your head still. This can sometimes be performed in a single session.
• Conventional radiotherapy: where the tumour can target with exterior beams. This can potentially injure the surrounding pituitary gland & brain tissue, so little doses of radiation are given over 4 to 6 weeks, giving regular tissue time to heal in between treatments.

Bowel cancer screening :

Acromegaly can enhance your risk of bowel cancer, so instructions recommend having a colonoscopy as you are diagnosed with the situation, & regular colonoscopy screening from the age of forty.
A colonoscopy is a test of your entire large bowel using a type of endoscope known a colonoscope that is entered into your bottom.

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